Workplace accidents and injuries are not a new phenomenon. Since the dawn of the industrial age, workers have suffered from work-related injuries, illnesses, and even death. However, until the early 20th century, American workers and their families had little to no recourse if they or a loved one was injured or killed on the job. […]
If you or a family member is injured on the job, it is a hardship that affects your health and livelihood. Too often, injured workers run into roadblocks trying to obtain the benefits they need and deserve. We can help.
If you are injured at work, left without wages, and denied workers’ compensation benefits in Connecticut, it is a good idea to speak with a skilled attorney.
When you are injured, it is a good idea to know the basics of filing for your workers’ compensation benefits in Connecticut.
When you are injured on the job, your first concerns are about the seriousness of your injury, and whether it will impact your ability to earn a living.